Magnetic Dog Collar - 27 November 2014

A Magnetic dog collar is a simple and effective way of introducing magnetic therapy to your dog in an easy and effective way. The magnetic dog collar that we are proud to have designed, trialled and now sell is the Trion:Z Magnetic dog collar. Made from high quality materials with the practical requirements of a dog collar along with the magnets, makes this collar superior amongst competitors on the market and unique.

The Magnetic dog collar is a way of exposing your dog to the circulation boosting powers of magnetic therapy which encourage their bodies to work at the optimum level because their bodies are able to work at their best. Magnetic therapy is the most popular and well-known of all forms of complementary therapy and as it now can fit into everyday items like collars for dogs it is becoming even more popular. There are two main benefits of magnetic therapy; firstly it ensures that the essential nutrients needed for reparation and repair, to fight illness and infection and just the basic energy needs of the cells are distributed fast and secondly and of greater benefit to sick, injured, elderly and less active dogs is the fact that it also ensures that the waste products and toxins are removed from the body which would otherwise settle around the joints and in the soft tissue which can cause inflammation and pressure. This worsens conditions such as arthritis which is why a magnetic dog collar such as the Trion:Z Magnetic dog collar is also sometimes called an arthritis dog collar and why magnetic therapy is a popular source for arthritis relief.

The magnetic dog collar that we sell is the Trion:Z Magnetic dog collar which is available in four different sizes, comes with a d-ring for use with a lead, has the magnets trapped between the layers of the material collar and it can be washed, get wet and dries easily.

Treat your dog to a magnetic dog collar from Health for Animals today.

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Trion:Z Magnetic Dog Collar - 06 November 2014

Trion:Z are world famous for their human health and wellbeing bracelets and necklaces that can be easily incorporated into everyday life for humans to allow them to be exposed to the therapeutic effects of magnetic therapy.

Magnetic therapy is the most popular and well-known of all forms of complementary therapy and the benefits are derived from the fact that it boosts the flow of blood around the body and improves the circulatory system. This has the same effects of humans as it does with dogs; namely the blood speeds up around the body enabling it to work more efficiently. Here at Health for Animals we are very proud to have adapted the popular Trion:Z human products and designed, trialled and now sell the Trion:Z Magnetic dog collar. A magnetic dog collar is a quick and easy way of introducing your dog to the magnetic therapy is a convenient way for you and your dog. Designed to be worn 24/7 and as a replacement to a conventional dog collar, this magnetic dog collar is available in four different sizes, comes with a d-ring for use with a lead, can get wet, dries quickly and can be hand-washed and what makes the Trion:Z Magnetic dog collar unique on the market is the fact that the magnets are sewn between the layers of the material collar which prevents them from getting lost and rendering the collar less effective.

Magnetic therapy in the Trion:Z Magnetic dog collar helps in two ways by firstly boosting the flow of blood around the body which ensures that the essential nutrients needed for reparation and repair, to fight illness and infection and for the basic energy needs of the cells are effectively distributed which helps dogs of all ages, health and ability to work at their optimum. The second benefit is of greater advantage to less active, injured or elderly dogs because the waste products and toxins are removed from the soft tissue and around the joints which reduces inflammation and can help to ease joints and relieve some of the discomfort. This is why magnetic therapy is a known source for arthritis relief and why a magnetic dog collar such as the Trion:Z Magnetic dog collar is sometimes known as an arthritis dog collar.

Treat your dog today to a superior magnetic dog collar; the Trion:Z Magnetic dog collar for a health and wellbeing boost.

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Magnetic Dog Collar - 06 August 2014

A Magnetic Dog Collar is a quick, easy and hassle-free way of incorporating magnetic therapy into your dog’s life. The ease being that provided your dog wears a dog collar as a rule, simply swapping their existing collar for a magnetic dog collar, that does all the same things except with the benefit of magnetic therapy, is not going to be too difficult.

Magnetic therapy is the most popular and well-known of all forms of complementary therapy and works on boosting the circulation of blood around the body because the magnetic field repels the iron in the red blood cells causing the blood in the area proximate to the magnet to speed up and in turn for the blood around the whole body to flow faster. A boost in circulation has two key benefits; firstly it enables the body to work more efficiently by distributing the essential nutrients needed for reparation and repair, to fight illness and infection and for the basic energy needs of the body, and secondly it allows the body to remove waste products and toxins quicker. It is often these waste products and toxins that can build up in the body and around the joints and soft tissue that can swell the joints and worsen joint problems such as arthritis. This is why magnetic therapy is known to be such a useful tool for arthritis relief and why magnetic dog collar such as the Trion:Z Magnetic dog collar that we sell are sometimes known as arthritis dog collars.

The Trion:Z Magnetic dog collar that we sell is available in four different sizes to ensure a perfect fit, comes with a d-ring for use with a lead and also has the magnets sewn and trapped between the layers of the fabric to prevent any from being knocked off and lost by an inquisitive dog and for it to stay put when being hand-washed.

Why not treat your dog to a magnetic dog collar, the Trion:Z Magnetic Dog Collar and see how much it will help them in a boost to health and wellbeing.

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Take Care this Winter and Watch out for your dog- Stolen dogs on the rise... - 02 December 2011

In such a worrying period of time, with increasing financial worries, more unemployment and an uncontrollably large number of pets being abandoned or handed in to Pet Centres, it seems absolutely absurd to think that animals are now being stolen. Especially when you consider the many of thousands of pets up and down the country desperate to spend Christmas with a new family.

The DogLost helpline has a website and three years back it would have around 6 to 10 dogs registered as missing each day, now just a few years on that number has more than doubled with between 20 and 30 dogs now missing each day, on some days it has been as high as 40. The increase has been blamed on the high price that pedigree dogs can go for as puppies, and the vast majority that go missing are those that can be sold on for several hundreds of pounds. This worrying news and it will no doubt make all of those owners who have new puppies very cautious. The main thing the charity has emphasised is the need to get your dogs microchipped so that they could be traced if necessary.

It is believed that Cocker Spaniels are most at risk, as are well trained gundogs that are being taken to use in breeding. The problem is that the working dog breeds, even if not being used for that purpose have good blood and are ideal to breed. It is a sad fact that when times get tough, unscrupulous people lead to crime in order to make money from the suffering of others. We can only emphasise the importance of being vigilant and ensuring that you never leave your dog in unsecure place unsupervised.

What has been noticed is that the dogs seem to go missing in suspicious circumstances and it thought that an increase in steal-to-order dogs is responsible. The problem is then, that some dogs that are unwell, have been spayed or are old are then dumped as they are not the healthy dog they believed it to be. Ms Fisher from DogLost seems to believe that people are taking in lost animals and offering them a home rather than trying to find their owners. The best thing to do is to take them to the police or a local vet and try to see if it has been microchipped, there could well be a very upset owner hoping to track it down. Do not leave you dog outside unless you can see them. You wouldn't leave your handbag tied to rail outside a shop so why leave your dog- to some it is more valuable.

BBC Article- Stolen Dogs 2.12.11
BBC Article- Rise in Missing Dogs 1.12.11

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Jersey Reservoir and Care when walking your dog... - 29 November 2011

It is getting to that time of year again when it seems to get light during those hours when you are stuck inside working and at the weekend the daylight hours fly by quicker than you get get jobs done it. This means that for many of us with dogs, in order to keep ourselves and our four-legged companions happy, that we need to go out in the dark and take them for walks. Now of course, if you have a tiny little dog that gets exhausted by the end of your drive, this might not be too much of a problem, but for many of us, we will have to venture slightly further a field! It is very important that both you and your dog stay safe and there are some things you should bear in mind...

Firstly, however fashion conscious you are, you should seriously consider some reflective clothing to wear if you will be walking in poorly lit areas. It is important that cars are able to see you from quite far away, and having driven along some country lanes already this winter and unexpectedly found myself nearly on top of a darkly dressed walker, i can not understate this point. If you do happen to live in a well lit area, just make sure that you are visible and watch carefully where you are going.

As a safetly point, when the light goes you start to rely on your other senses more keenly to counter your loss of sight. This means that it is best not to listen to an MP3 player, as you might not hear that car coming along the road, or notice your dog if it is barking having lost you. For personal safety also, it is key that you are alert and able to hear what is around you. If you think that your dog may get lost if it has a habit of going and exploring, it might be worth keeping them on an extendible lead to keep them safe. A recent article shows that owners really should take care to keep a close eye on their dogs. Jersey Reservoir is thinking it might have to close, as dog owners are letting their dogs off the lead and allowing them to swim in the water. Unfortunately this is going to be contaminating the water that is ultimately destined to be used as drinking water. It has also been a problem as animals have been able to jump in but struggled to get out as it is lower than usual. Another warning, please watch out where your pets walk as we have heard several stories lately of pets jumping into rivers, lakes and reservoirs and have needed help to get out...

Finally, dress up warm. Make sure you are not cold, this includes your dog and ensure that upon returning you warm up, have a drink (it is helpful to slightly boil the kettle and give the warm water to your dog to help them warm up) and something to eat. Our immune systems get weaker if we are cold and under the weather and so to stay happy and healthy this winter you should make sure you don't get cold!

We wish you all a very safe winter out with your dogs and hope that you can stay fit and healthy, ready to attack the spring with even more energy on some exciting walks...

BBC Article- Jersey Reservoir 28.11.11

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Police Dogs for the Olympic Games- a very busy time... - 15 November 2011

With the thousands of people that are expected to come to the UK and London in particular for the Olympic Games there is no surprise that the Police Forces up and down the country are getting ready and starting to plan ahead. Many of the visitors to the Olympic Games will also use it as an opportunity to be a tourist and visit other UK and European destinations. This is particularly true for the many that come from America, Africa and Australia who are travelling such great distances and are planning a holiday at the same time as watching the games.

It is no surprise that with such a large influx of people expected around the early summer months next year, that we are starting to think about the associated risks and all of the illegal substances that we want to prevent from entering the country. That is why there are hundreds of adorable Police Puppies that are starting their training early in time to be fully fledged Police Sniffer Dogs next year.

The two cuties pictures above are called Norman and Woody and they are two of the five new recruits for the South Wales Police Force for next year. Their early training will be mostly play-based and they will be fetching and chasing like most normal puppies. They will also go home with their handlers and lead a very normal life. After their basic training it will then go onto more specific training depending on where they'll be used. Springer Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels and Labradors are the best police dogs as they are eager to please, have an inquisitive nature and easily adapt to a variety of social situations.


The dogs will be used to detect cash, illegal substances and drugs, firearms and ammunition. It is thought that the majority of the ones in South Wales will be used for illegal substances. Dogs from forces all across the county can be expected to be called for the Olympic Games and with 75 operational dogs in the South Wales force alone,there is no surprise that all of them are starting to plan early. It is believed that many experienced dogs and their handlers have put off retirement to offer their services for the Games, and so it is important that number of retiring dogs don't leave some areas with too few operational dogs after the Olympics...


We wish all the new puppies the best of luck for their training and for the excitement and privilege of being a selected member for London 2012.


BBC News Article 15.11.11

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Larry- now caught sleeping on the job! - 15 November 2011

Larry the No. 10 Downing Street cat has been in the news for all the wrong reasons; rather than being the champion mouse-catcher that has shown such promise in the early days, he is seemingly becoming lazier by the day. After a mouse had appeared during a ministerial meeting with David Cameron and a few select others, it appears that rather than guarding Downing Street instilling fear in every rodent that appears, he is now sleeping on the job...

Spotted sleeping for several hours, the PM still maintains that Larry "brings a lot of pleasure to a lot of people!" which would lead one to suggest that now it has become a pet for many, its duties have become less important. He managed to sleep through the arrival of the whole Cabinet yesterday and the PM himself has admitted that he had resorted to "throwing a fork" at a mouse.

Many people have suggested that now Larry is getting used to home luxuries and spending more time with his girlfriend Masie and sleeping than hunting the rodents! Lets hope he gets his act together or he might find himself being replaced by a more efficient cat.


BBC News Article 15.11.11

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Winning dogs and the failed mouse-catcher Larry! - 14 November 2011

Larry is still calling No. 10 Downing Street home, but for how much longer... As it turns out, Larry is not the most efficient mouse-catcher Downing Street has had. Larry was brought in in February to help combat the mouse problem; during several of the tv broadcasts a rat had been spotted smugly trailing around No.10 and it was thought that bringing a cat in could be the answer. Ordinarily it probably would have been the solution, but after a mouse appeared during a ministerial dinner held by David Cameron.

Despite being questioned on whether the rescue cat from Battersea Dogs home will be replaced, a PM spokesman has said "Larry brings a lot of pleasure to a lot of people." It seems that his home is safe for now, but it might not always be if he cannot get his act together... When he was selected it was believed that he was quite a hunter and liked to chase things, which you might think would make him the best cat, but with recent mouse appearances it may not be the case. He was quite a good mouser and pleasingly caught 3 mice in his first week, but despite fears that he is a drain for the taxpayer he is entirely privately funded and having been allowed in more rooms it is hoped this latest resident's days are numbered!

Now to a story of a more successful pet! Harvey the Yellow Labrador from Jersey has won the Yellow Labrador Club Championship Show and has pipped 316 other dogs to secure the top spot. Dogs from the UK, Canada, Sweden, Norway and many more competed in the contest and 5 year old Harvey won his class! His owner says that Harvey has a temperament and an energy in the ring that cannot be taught and what's more he loves taking part in the shows which makes the whole experience very pleasurable. Being so young he will be off to bigger and better things and will hopefully be winning plenty more championship shows in the future. Harvey's aim is to win another Challenge Certificate to get three and become a Champion.

BBC Article- Downing Street Cat 14.11.11
BBC Article - Jersey Dog Harvey 8.11.11

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Puppy Farms cause the RSPCA concern in Wales - 14 November 2011

   Having spoken about Puppy Farms before and the need for future pets owners to be vigilant to try and stamp out the demand for cheaper puppies in favour of healthier well-bred animals. The credit crunch has had a lot to answer for and the numbers of stray and abandoned animals finding their way to rescue homes is increasing by the week. Pet owners cannot afford to foot the bill for veterinary care, insurance, food and even daily maintenance and that is before an unexpected illness or an accident can leave you with an expensive problem- a vet bill...

The RSCPA in Wales is getting increasingly concerned about Puppy Farms and the number of 'irresponsible breeders' who end up causing great expense and suffering to hundreds of animals. With over 2,000 breeders in Wales, it is certain that the vast majority of them are probably highly reputable establishments that are breeding dogs responsibly, however the minority are causing the problem. Being what is considered an 'emotive issue' the Welsh Assembly are planning to legislate regarding the wider issue; including dangerous dogs, puppy farms, animal cruelty and dog racing.

The RSCPA are urging for legislation to be made regarding puppy farming- making microchipping mandatory, introducing a minimum staff requirement to care for the puppies and that licensed breeders are breeding healthy pedigree dogs, without cutting the corners. Last week, the Welsh Dogs Advisory Group, set up to represent the interests of hobby breeders, submitted a petition to the Welsh government calling for an inquiry into the "enforcement of animal welfare standards in the puppy farming industry in south west Wales"

   An independent review is to be done to investigate the variety of standards required across the different counties in order to assess what really needs to be done and if there are any places that are in particular need of reform. The aim is not to tarnish the good name of the reponsible breeders but rather to set the standards and enable those breeders who do care for the welfare of the puppies to stand out even more. The puppy farms mostly being targetted are those with 150-200 dogs in that are unlicenced and causing the most concern. What is especially significant is that we are still in an economic slump, and with the numbers of adandoned animals, those who would like a pet should maybe consider adopting one rather than paying a cheap price for an ill Pedigree dog??

BBC Article - 8.11.11

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Increasing costs, the recession and the problems facing our pets - 11 November 2011

On the news, there is hardly time for a good news story between fears about Italy's debt crisis mounting, the problems in the Eurozone and the potential for our markets to take yet another tumble. In this climate of fear, it is unsuprising that with jobs decreasing, unemployement and costs growing faster by the day, that people are starting to worry. Unfortunately we are not able to escape paying for our bills, and this leaves pets as one of the luxuries that some households can no longer afford. It is not just the cost of keeping them, insurance and the fear of vet bills can make having a pet a very expensive option.

Battersea Dog's Home has said that there has been a dramatic rise in the number of animals being handed in because their owners simply cannot afford to keep them anymore. It is a sorry state of affairs and one that loving owners do not take lightly. The number of animals being handed in has more than doubled over the last year, and when you consider that it has been on the increase for the last 5 years, it is no wonder than rescue centres are struggling with the number of pets being found and brought in.

The Blue Cross have also noted, that there had been nearly a 50% increase in the number of abandoned animals, from 1,027 to 1,530 this year. Both the Blue Cross and Battersea say it is due to the economic pressures of society and that when we are having to budget, our pets are too great an expense. The problem is, that with less disposable income, charitable giving is also down and the resources of the charity are being stretched even further to be able to home the animals handed in to them. The sad fact being that these animals are cherished pets and in an ideal world they would not want to give them away. They are just faced with the situation where life is tough and they cannot afford to keep them anymore. Owners are unable to treat them either and the consequence of animals that have not been neutered is also a serious cost.

We sincerely hope that this winter animals are given a living home and that our economy will improve and that people will be able to afford pets again..

BBC Article- Battersea Dogs Home- 11.11.11
BBC Article- Credit Crunch hitting pets - 11.11.11

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